• Vega

    Vega Dawn – An architectural savant born in Toronto, Canada, Vega Dawn has grown to become extremely confident from his compounding rate of global success. He is a visionary and perfectionist at heart. Architecture took him overseas to Dubai, where he now lives with his wife Ehwa and two children Ty and Ana. They began the Beacon project together after having Ty at the age of 10. A devoted family man, his world is turned upside down as he is dragged into a dire political scheme that may cost him his life.

  • Ehwa

    Ehwa Dawn - Originally from Israel, she always wanted to make a difference in the world. She felt the war was her best opportunity, and enlisted as a field medic joining millions of others, as WW3 raged on. After surviving on the front lines for 5 years, she returned home to Israel and to her parents, but they were killed in an accident in Egypt while on vacation. She switched careers from her literature background to private investing in real estate, as her parents willed her their inheritance. She met Vega while completing a realty transaction in Dubai as he majors in architecture. They soon married in the following years and had Ty. Ehwa joined Vega in helping him make the Beacon project a reality when Ty turned 10, right as Ana was being born.

    She still has strong memories of the war and the rivers of blood that were left behind. She had mild PTSD but conquered it early on with Vega. Now that the Beacon has become a reality, she decided to get back into literature, and focus on raising their children.

  • Adam

    Adam York – He is the Leading space agency rep for NAUKSA; North America and United Kingdom. A tall British man of six foot four, chiseled and robust with as much confidence as a tsunami can carry. Following Vega’s coma, Adam becomes Ehwa’s emotional support, as he helps her to uphold Vega’s wishes in completing the Beacon project, as she is forced to be the new face of the Beacon.

  • Ana

    Ana Dawn – Small and rambunctious, little seven-year-old Ana was born into creative happiness, giving her bounds of confidence and energy for exploration. Her future is the most unpredictable of all, as she has yet to find her true passion.

  • Ty

    Ty Dawn – Seventeen-year-old Son of Ehwa and Vega Dawn, Ty has become a promising young man with a passion for technology far greater than most teens his age. Although he is envious of his father’s success and achievements, his passion for an Age of Transcendence can potentially break the mold.

  • Frederick

    Frederick Akinyemi – With an IQ of over 200, Frederick is overflowing with wisdom beyond his years, being a mere forty-something. Born in Nairobi, Africa, he has achieved world changing advancements in dark matter research, new alternative resources, and gravity, which paved the way for a new age of Freeform, becoming a modern-day Einstein in the process. His sincere prowess and masterful wisdom inspired all of Africa to become united.

  • Venisyn

    Venisyn – Venisyn is known as a Comman’shyn among his people, a reputable title which indicates his eternal wisdom and stature. Not much is known of the Advanthari’i other than they are a telepathic and immortal race, but it is clear they have direct ties to our history, and potentially our future as we now know it.

  • Vakhardarian

    Vakhardarian – The Vakhardarians are an advanced hybrid lizard race that have been thriving in the shadows of the Earth. They are a carnal race that consumes organic life to become enhanced, gaining them abilities such as camouflage and shapeshifting, as they can manipulate their biology and DNA.

  • Sindralag

    Sindralag – He is a powerful Celestial being from Abadon in the 6th. Sindralag is a Manipulator: A being that grants large amounts of degradation to any Celestials transitioning to Zetadym, as they must forcibly alter their polarity to attain Zetadym state of being. This polaric process is known as a Degraperience.

  • Astraea

    Astraea – She is one of The Foundationals of Zetadym, belonging to The Four Twin Sights of Abadon. Her past, along with the other Twin Sights, molded the 6th from the beginning of time. Thus, her past will forever taint her present. She has changed her state of being to Etadym and become an Auspex, to investigate the loss of her loved one; her Soulmate.

  • Gilgesh

    Gilgesh – A 15-foot-tall rock-like creature with heavy dendravite armor akin to Abadon in the 6th. He is a soldier to a greater will, present throughout the 6th.

  • Vindikas

    Vindikas– Every Celestial species in existence has one Pryme Auspex alive for a single lifetime. Vindikas represents the entire Vakhardarian race. With Vakhardarians being masters of biological manipulation, their Pryme newborn is always born superior to the others. Pryme Vindikas has grown powerful with bronze in his bones and steel in his teeth, his great bronze wings genetically related to their parent race the Vosh. Outside of reuniting their entire species, his true goal is still unknown.

  • Dregg

    Dregg – Ancient forerunners of Abadon who are the caretakers of the dead, or Deag as they are more commonly known as, since Celestials never truly die. Many them are cleaners, picking up the husks of creatures the Lobus have ripped apart. They are born silent, forever mourning their past suffering as Temporal Deag, from their new realities as Dregg.

  • Lobus

    Lobus – They are arachnid energetic vampires that reside in the 6th, absorbing any Celestial in sight. Its giant abdomen is filled with Celestial spirit turned into liquid Celestium, the crystalline energetic entrails that reside within Celestials in the 6th.

  • Feelers

    Feelers – They are large insect ships that have a vast range in size. Their deep rooted, hairy tendrils absorb the Celestium floating within the Living Veins of Abadon, powering its unnatural locomotive nature.

  • Primors

    Positive Primors

    Negative Primors

    Positive and Negative Primors – They are the custodians of dimensional realms, two for each plane of existence. All Primors are a duality of themselves, and as such, have a dual part name. Each Primor’s name indicates their dimensional state of being such as Etadym, as well as their polarity. All negative Primors are known as ‘fem’, and the positive are known as ‘mas’, which are derived from the Latin words for male and female respectfully. We call the negative Primor of Etadym, Etafem. The positive Primor of Etadym is Etamas. This extends throughout the Trunk of Dymi, as each Primor is granted their name through their own delegations, to be known by all.

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