Dear Celestials,

Should the journey become too daunting, I have imprinted here my Conscious Synapses, so they may always guide you, should you lose your way in the Filizance. They are the framework of every living being. This entire Filizance Destiny Strand is the highway into my Universe. This is not how my destiny begins, this is how it ends. I survived the dawn of a new age five Aeons ago, and lost all my Eternal Memories. Being the first Celestial in existence to ever lose these memories, restoring them was forbidden, becoming a new law of the Universe, as we all exist and live to experience. A new age threatens us once again, and there is something familiar in the air. Only time will reveal my past, and what this new age will mean for the Universe.

…What it will mean for me.

With reverence,

Pryme Vega