Pryme Auspex (higher consciousness, emendation enforcer)
{Emendation – a correction or a change}

Aeon: An Aeon equals one billion years. The entire Universe is already 14 Aeons old. There are approximately 5 Aeons left Until the next Genesys birth begins.

Celeste: An entity’s spirit.

Celestial: The embodiment of all sentient beings in their most powerful, metaphysical forms of consciousness.

Negalest: A negative Celestial being.

Posilest: A positive Celestial being.

Celestium: Crystalline energetic entrails that reside within Celestials in the 6th. It is a highly vibrational substance that can be farmed for repurposing in the forms of armor, Celestial weapons and building infrastructure. Its color varies based on the polarity and purity of the Celestial.

Corperience; Corporeal Experience: The physical manifestation experience in the 3rd and 4th dimensions; The Realms of Limitation.

Corporeal-mensions: The Realms of Limitation; 3rd and 4th dimensions respectfully.

Dimenphi: A physical dimensional being who exists in The Realms of Limitation. There are few Dimenphi on earth. Vega Dawn becomes one of them.

Degraperience; Degradational Experience: A necessary state of damnation that is enacted to shift one’s polarity through experiencing.

Dimenverse: Abbreviated form of the dimensional multiverse.

Generyte: When a planet shifts to a higher state in consciousness, the Filizance siphons all remaining Negalest souls trapped while transitioning from the realms of limitation, and brings them to a suitable state of being to either conquer, or relinquish their negativity for balance.

Multivae: Celestial plural form of multiverses.

‘Mension: Celestial short form of Dimension.

Metadymi: A higher dimensional Celestial being beyond the realms of limitation. A metaphysical dimensional being such as Zetadymi of the 6th and Etadymi of the 7th.

The Trunk of Dymi: Every Celestial in a branch of the 11 dimensions make up the Trunk of Dymi. The Eleven branches of the Genesys Tree, Tree of Life, Kabbalah etc., are all one giant Filizance family, attached to the dimensional ladder of the Universe, just like DNA.

Gamadym(i): 3rd dimensional state of being.

Deldym(i): 4th dimensional state of being.

Pentadym(i): 5th dimensional state of being.

Zetadym(i): 6th dimensional state of being.

Etadym(i): 7th dimensional state of being.

Theytadym (Theytdymi): 8th dimensional state of being.

Iodym(i): 9th dimensional state of being.

Koppadym(i): 10th dimensional state of being.

Lamdym(i): 11th dimensional state of being.

Vibrension: The ascension process enacted through Celeste vibration.

Proclivity; 6th sense: Complete clarified gut feeling.

Aural Semblance; 7th sense: Empathic radial zone that stretches outwards in a toroidal field, expanding as far as thirty feet, allowing the user to feel everything in the surrounding area.

Positive and Negative Primors: They are the custodians of dimensional realms, two for each plane of existence. All Primors are a duality of themselves, and as such, have a dual part name. Each Primor’s name indicates their dimensional state of being such as Etadym, as well as their polarity. All negative Primors are known as ‘fem’, and the positive are known as ‘mas’, which are derived from the Latin words for male and female respectfully. We call the negative Primor of Etadym, Etafem. The positive Primor of Etadym is Etamas. This extends throughout the Trunk of Dymi, as each Primor is granted their name through their own delegations, to be known by all.