The year is 2065 and humanity has reached a pivotal point in its progression as an entire race. Vega Dawn, an architectural savant, spear heads The Beacon project which is set to launch humanity into the stars. Unbeknownst to him, hidden political agendas catch fire and turn his world upside down, sending him into a coma. His wife Ehwa Dawn, is left to carry the torch in his stead representing The Beacon, and encounters hyper advanced aliens in the midst of an unknown presence. Realizing Vega himself as dead to the world, his consciousness is guided by an Etherean into an Etadym state of being; the 7th dimensional realm of consciousness. Being an Auspex in the higher dimensional realms, he re-assumes his role as a Universal enforcer of balance, as Zetadymi from the 6th threaten to unravel the very framework of the Universe, transversing dimensions. The Beacon is only the beginning, as the battle for Universal polarity ensues.

Auspex (higher consciousness emendation enforcer)
{Emendation – a correction or a change}